A time for expansion which call for more graces

The peak of Summer is hopefully over and we are awaiting eagerly Autumn here at our house (or lets say I am!).  Summer also gave me lots of graces  for which I am ever so thankful.  You can mostly see that they are Greg related and his sudden developmentwhich continually amaze me.

131.  Panties on my son
132. long sentences and lots to say
133. mild Summer
134. crawling daughter, waving bye bye, hello and also clapping
135. home made tomato polpa and peach preserve
136. evening walks
137. two little teeth
138. trying to let go whilst standing to walk (so busy this girl)
139. all night sleeping from my big boy in his own bed and room
140. expanding his menu
141. wanting to make friends and go to school
142. making new friends
143. awareness of my awareness
144. Church going twice weekly with a generally quietish Greg
145. Loving her food- whatever it is as long as its like ours
146. crawling to daddy or nanna as soon as she sees them
147. chatting with his sister and seeing her glow at the attention he is giving her
148. finally finding like minded mums that make me feel relaxed and at ease
149. regaining my balance
150. being able to help others with my meagre knowledge on pregnancy, birth and childhood


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