a time to grow

Its a rare quiet afternoon with both kids sleeping nowadays.

Me and hubs are trying to think of new ways to engage Gregory who is in a disequilibrium and boredom state of mind.

Decided to be honest with myself and the night time parenting is draining me (as kids want me and only me!).  So as Gregory ends up to be the one to get all the bad karma, I will slowly stop nursing him at night.  How does this add up?  I become so drained with Maya waking so much to nurse that when Gregory does I feel him a burden.  Since I can’t give that message to him and in his drowsy state there is no reasoning and as it is of no fault to him than I need to re adjust priorities and his night nursing will go together with all the bad vibes.  I feel bad about it like I am cheating him of something, and yet I know that this is the right decision.  During the day it is fine as he doesn’t quite ask for it so much and I am ok to give it to him.  He is requesting more of it lately- reverting again to babyhood before it seems another develpoment spurt.  It is exhilarating knowing this will happen but tiring and irritating and very very trying.

I am happy finally I feel our team is shaping up!


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