We’ve had the first Autumn rains.  The weather is slowly becoming chiller- at least early morning and night time.  We’ve reverted to the Winter food and have our thick red carpet downstairs to play on.  Our weather chart is not at a standstill anymore on sunny but is turning around to include windy, cloudy and rainy.

Its comforting knowing that the new season is here- starting-

Gregory wants to go to school -alone- he will eat crackers and sandwich and be given milk and will also eat the fruit he says.  His bag is ready together with crayons, drawing book, lunch box, water bottle and milk cup.  I wonder if he’ll be in this same frame of mind come February but I trust he will and I am so happy for him.  He wants friends he tells me.

Maya is standing alone.  That is not holding on to anything.  Today she even tried to walk without holding on!  She amazes me!  I admit I am looking forward to be with her alone and get to know my little girl better.

Autumn….what a beautiful season for firsts and lasts !


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