Its a girl!!!

Keep your hair on; I ain’t having another baby!

But you know that little girl I had a few months back?  well look at her now…..

mom the floor needs cleaning!

I have to confess I didn’t bond quickly with this one….. although I loved her and wanted her with all my heart, at the same time I made her guilty of me being angry a lot with Greg during her pregnancy.  I made her guilty of me not being able to give enough attention to my little boy.  And many other guilt trips which were of course all unwarranted and none her fault!

So although I loved her from the minute she was born, I kept her  at a distance….if both were crying she had to wait not Gregory mostly.  I didn’t bother to learn her cries than felt frustrated that I didn’t know what she wanted.  however, she is a sweet little girl and eventually I succumbed and left my instinct guide me and now I feel the guilt- the mommy guilt of not giving her my best from the very beginning!

At 9 months I can already see how different her character is from my little man.  From day one she loved to smile and does so all the time even if tired!  She knows what she wants and screams bloody murder for it.  She enjoys her food (no wonder I had to eat so much when pregnant!) and eats at every opportunity given.  she understands much more than my other one did at the same age.  What’s more? she makes 5 paces on her own and prefers to try and walk rather than crawl.  She also loves to play with her brother (much to his dismay LOL).  She says mama with such passion when she wants me that I know it is not a simple babble!  She waves hello and bye, claps, make indian sounds, clucks her tongue.

She is a girl! and that’s wonderful and I am so looking forward to spend some girly time with her soon 🙂


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