Jotting it down


It changes us so much.

Sometimes I plain wonder how I’ve become the way I am.  I realised suddenly how my inner anger has smoldered a bit.  How I manage to stop before I loose myself in my anger.  How I search more and more to interact with God.  How much pleasure it gives me finding less time on this laptop because I am finding more time for my children.

Motherhood moulds me to fit my children’s needs.  It moulds me to become a better person.  To be the best for my family.

I hope I can radiate such to them.  It is quite a big task.


2 thoughts on “Jotting it down

  1. I think that when we are blessed with something (in this case, with someone) that is so wonderful that makes our lives better, we realize that the world couldn't have happened by chance. That there is a power out there that helps us shape ourselves into exactly what we need to be in order to achieve the maximum amount of happiness and provide the greatest amount of love. For instance, having my Piano Man and our Little Princess reminds me of how amazing Nature and Fate really are.


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