Its Christmas time!

This year I am paying more attention to Advent.  We have put 4 candles up decorated with pine cones & needles and we are lighting one up every Advent Sunday.  We are also praying more as a family and also myself alone.  Gregory gets to do some charity work by donating some of his saved money to a cause. 

And because today its 1st December we started opening our Advent calendar and put up the decorations.  I am also telling my boy the story of Santa Claus (St Nicholas) and of Jesus.

165. Prayers
166. Stories
167. Progress
168.  Talking Maya both with sign language & actual words
169. Pretend Play
170. Presents ready to be put under the tree
171. carol singing
172. More teeth coming out
173. Playing together
174. Copying all her brother does
175.  Greg’s shadow
176.  Attached to mama’s pants
177. Help
178.  Meeting up friends
179. Meditation


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