Loving 2011

I decided to get into an insightful month after reading this.  It was very inspiring and decided to tag along.  IF you wish to join to you can do so by going here.

In the meantime let me catch up!

Day One: What surprised you this year and what gift did you find in that surprise?

It surprised me the chnage my daughter brought to our family.  Although I knew the dynamics would be changed once she arrived, I somehow didn’t realise to what extent that was.  We had a few false starts and challenging months but it was a lovely surprise at the same time.  Her smiles, laughs and love simply makes our family more wholesome.

 Day Two: What goals did you realize this year?

I guess I have 2 kind of goals.

The first one is finally getting to start my breastfeeding counselor course.  I’ve been wanting to do something like this since the birth of my son nearly 3 years ago but always found excuses not to do it- mainly financial.  Since September I have been slowly unfolding this course and I am so happy to have done so.

The second goes hand in hand with the first one.  Been wishing to create a community of moms in our village.  After again 3 years it is finally getting there.  Possibly it will be a success sometime next year.

Day Three: What Did You Learn About Yourself This Year?

I learnt a lot about my shortcomings.  This has led to me striving to be better.  Although its very slow progress I can see myself different and feel different inside out.  I have finally understood more what Attachment Parenting means and can finally be more true to its origins.  I have found back my Spirituality and that has given me a grounding for me and my family.  I have found a few default settings in my brain system that I am trying to reboot so that communication with my husband is better.  Its been a year full of personal growth actually and all is intertwined.


One thought on “Loving 2011

  1. Melissa,
    What an amazing journey, isn't it? You said, “Although its very slow progress I can see myself different and feel different inside out.”

    Wishing you much kindness and rest and joy throughout this transformative time…



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