Loving 2011: day 12 Time


How have I spent time this year and how can I make better time next year?

Time is always a factor of great concern to all I suppose.  How many times we say that we do not have enough time?  If I think how I spent my time this year and what I had wanted to do originally I see a big difference.  Mainly because it took us 11 months to settle down with our new addition which is no longer a baby but a toddler.

I decided not to quite plan my time for 2012.  The reason is that Gregory should be starting kindergarten in February and since there is a big question mark on how he will react to it etc I have not gone into details of how I want to spend my time next year. 

This year it was all about adjusting and making space for the 4 of us to find balance as a family, as a couple, as mother to my children etc.  We have I believe neared the most approximate we can for now in balance.  Next year I hope to find more time for me actually.  A woman that is full time at home needs more time alone I believe because she has less interaction with the adult world and so has to find more time to make up for this. 


Time however cares for itself.  There no need to rush, no need to try and elongate the day ….. time is really a matter of opinion because if you feel balanced in all your daily activities and not rushed about, you are spending time well!


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