3 candles for Gregory

He might be 3 years today but he is still a young little man.

He has changed so much really and yet affirmed his character much more.

playing with his tea set

He talks pretty fluently, he shares when he feels like, he plays with his sister when he’s in the mood, he can eat like a champ or refuse anything you do (except breastmilk ha! he never says no to that still and although there many a time where I feel fed up of nursing two kids, there are also many moments where I remember that this is lasting a while longer while the love and trust I am building will last a lifetime).

He’s got such a will, that trying to teach him while not crushing it is extremely difficult.

But that big open smile, his wonder at nature and enjoyment of life, make up for those moments that result in unconsolable crying that make up his life right now.  The moments where he is not sure what he is feeling or how to express it.  The moments of tiredness he refuses to acknowledge.  The moments of hunger he refuses to quench.  The moments of attention he refuses to wait for.

He is a bundle of storm in the middle of sunshine his sister amenates.

He might sound difficult to many but really he is quite easy.

Happy 3rd birthday Gregory!


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