Communicating Feelings

How do you express sadness over events that happened in an appropiate way?

I do not know myself-My little man needs a lot of communication skills to learn and yet unless I learn them myself first, he will not get there himself.

So today I struggle.  Struggle to understand why the sadness I felt this morning over Greg hurtng myself and Maya.  The sadness of expressing his own anger in aggression, was expressed by myself as anger and aggression.  Can you see a pattern?

Yeah I am the one who is teaching him the bad ways while advocating he shouldn’t do it!  Truthfully I forgive myself for this transgression and am happy to know that I am aware of it.  BUT how do I change it to non violent action and positive teaching?

-Sigh- I have no idea.  With Greg being in school, I haven’t had a lot of episodes like this.  Today being a holiday we woke up all in arms and getting at  each other.  It saddened me because I do not want his days at home to be full of anger and resentment and aggression.

I will sit with this question today, ask for guidance and let it churn in my head.  An answer will surely come forth.


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