Facing myself

I have a client.  My first one.  I am truly blessed of this.

Yet I sorely stare at my inadequacy- my lack of experience. At the same time feel in awe at myself.  For the amount of things  I learnt which I would have never thought of before.  For looking objectively at my ways with this client and seeing that I need to work more on talking less and listening more.

Its a wonderful learning curve I am in right now.  Something which with care and attention I can extend to my own family.  To provide the love and support not just to any random person in the street but also to my own loved ones in a more maybe objective way.

The most thrilling feeling however is the fact that this is just the beginning.  That I am starting to do something I really truly love.  That I know I  will take it much further than just this first stop.  I am seeing paths lighting up in my way.  Paths I had wanted to pursue but never got there- because I now see it wasn’t the right time for them.  Yet, it is clear now that these paths are still in the achievable dreams.

I am elated!


2 thoughts on “Facing myself

  1. Great to read your words after so many months and find you in a good place. Even if a little nervous, but beginnings are always like that, aren't they?

    Now I'm going to read backwards…


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