Maya – 18 months

I am way due for an update on my little girl!

She seems to grow so fast, that I have to pinch myself at times.

She is a toddler now, verging into childhood already.  She talks in phrases and understands literally everything I ask.  From babyhood she knew what she wanted and this is now looking more pronounced especially when it comes to clothes.  Yeah she is a girl and LOVES dressing up.  Lately she started putting on my stuff and feeling happy about it and especially proud of walking in my pink heeled shoes.

When she feels like she can recite the numbers up till 14 without a mistake and tell her ABCs till G without a mistake.  She is getting more into dolls, though still not her main play thing, and loves to pretend cook just like her bro and just like her bro she simply enjoys playing  with planes – if he is there with her to do so!

She was always an easy eater so we haven’t had issues and eats practically everything – though she does have favourites and dislikes!  She enjoys reading and drawing….on everything but paper!!!  What Gregory never did she has done and now HE is copying her!!  However now that  I started homeschooling, she is getting better and drawing only on papers given rather than walls or furniture.

She dislikes TV – probably mostly because she sees it as a threat- since we do not take notice of her when it is on and consequently she learnt how to put it off for us.  Still if she has Barney on, she maybe will view it for 5 mins only – I am actually very happy about this.

The smile she was born with is bigger and brighter than ever and her laughter fills the house when she is playing with her brother.  It is a joy for me to hear them talking to each other and especially sweet when he tells her to say OK to something and she obliges.  Other times she just says no to him and especially loves to get under his skin which of course annoys the heck out of him.  She is one big teaser!

She runs, tries to jump and loves to swim.  Playing in the sand or in the field.  On the swings and the slides.  Reciting nursery rhythms and building tower blocks.  Trying her hand at puzzles.

she loves to cuddle and giving hugs and kisses.

Maya  has brought balance.  Whereas  Greg tends to be moody she is the smiling happy go lucky girl that balances each other out.

I am blessed, we are blessed to have her and at 18 months her screaming nos echoing through the house are like music to my ears.


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