A cold shower

This week I thought how easy it is to parent children but difficult to parent ourselves.  I haven’t got it wrong believe me!

Think: our kids learn by example, and because we know this we soon start finding our shortcomings.  Trying to better ourselves to teach our children is a battle of wills, a struggle, an immense struggle.

This week I also came across a few words from the book The Witch of Portobello by Paulo Coelho.

Learn by teaching.

And I realised that was exactly it.  I am learning how to better myself and grow because my children’s growth and understanding are invaluable to the world.

Whenever you focus on what you are doing like the simple task of washing up, focusing on each rub, being thankful that you have washing up to do and you are worshipping God, thanking Him, loving Him and loving all those around you.  

When we focus, stop and listen we do not just worship God but we are teaching our children how to find joy in the most mundane things in life.  How every excuse is given to us to love and give love.
When we stop focusing on the unnecessary stuff which this world make it look like its imperative for us not to do so, life not only becomes simpler and more joyful, but also fulfilled and thankful and of course full of love.

One thought on “A cold shower

  1. I truly agree.

    I honestly believe that nowadays we have everything that is material, but we are just not grateful.

    As Melissa said, when washing up, instead of seeing it as a chore, be grateful for the washing because that means you have plates, food, and money. If you have a lot of plates, it means you have a family to feed, so you are surrounded by loved ones, etc, etc, etc…..

    Cultivating gratitude is key to a healthy and happy life!


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