Because I want my kids to learn and appreciate our Roman Catholic Church more than I have ever done so far, I try and incorporate traditions in our daily lives that include the Church.  So at the moment we are observing Advent – the coming of Christ.

We are doing this by having an Advent Wreath which we are lighting every week, an advent calendar which tells the story of Jesus rather than having sweets and stuff not essential for this feast and by drawing on our
Advent colouring book.

I am enjoying these just as much as the kids as I really am learning and appreciating our religion more.  However, I woke up this week to the fact that I am teaching the kids about it but I am not observing it myself.  This is an omission I decided to rectify not only for me but also for my babes who learn by copying.

You might be wondering what I haven’t been doing….. well Advent should be a small Lent and so I will start fasting as from tomorrow.  It is also a time where we should pray more and that has been unfortunately lacking recently.  It is also a time of almsgiving – helping out those in need.

May this post inspire you to do the same.

Many blessings!


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