My Nanna Pawla

My soul is in pieces.

Fat tears prickles my eyes at any moment.

Because I am thinking of you dearest Nanna Pawla.  Thinking of you all the time.

Remembering the silent love you gave us.  The advise showered to us.  The simplicity of life you live that always humbled me.

I remember the weeks me and my cousin Daniela spent with you during the holidays.

You’ve been and are the best Nanna in the world and thinking of you now in that bed is more heartbreaking than actually knowing you are leaving us for good.

I’ve been praying The Lord to take away your pain and give you peace and at the same time I want you to remain here with us.  It is so, so hard saying goodbye and letting you go – even though we know you are going to a better place.

It is so hard……


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