Happy Birthday Maya

 My baby is no longer a baby and I can’t quite call her a toddler either.
She is 2 today but I quite forget she is that age and many a time think she is a year older.

Maya has always been eager to catch up with her brother.  Now at age 2 – although there is 2 years between them – you don’t quite see much difference between them.

She talks just as much as he does and understands just as much as you and I.  She runs, walks and is proud to have learnt how to jump as well.  She loves puzzles and books and mostly being told stories.  She enjoys copying every single bit of what we are doing.  So conversely, if my son says he doesn’t like to eat something she refuses to eat it herself.  If I am swinging with my legs across, she will do the same.

Maya loves to sing and dance.  She can count and can recognize a few of the letters.  she adores dressing up and to be the complete opposite of her brother to eat sweets 🙂

My girl is very sensitive and quite confident yet very much attached to me.  She has an easy smile and will kiss and hug and say I love you quite often.  She is quite patient and doesn’t mind sharing and she just loves children her age or younger and you will often see her going to hug any stranger’s child she likes.

Maya has shown me a complete different life to what I was used to with Greg.  She balances him out completely and makes our lives more complete.

Happy 2nd Birthday baby girl!


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