Mother’s day perspective

It’s Mother’s Day tomorrow here in sunny Malta.

I have been bombarded with ads of the perfect gift on this special day….but what is it that mothers really want on this day is so much different.

Most of us don’t even need the gifts we are given and we end up forgetting them in a couple of weeks or so. However, the treasure of the real gifts will keep us smiling long after this beautiful day is over.

Having your partner waking up with the kids at dawn
Being able to eat breakfast, quietly, slowly and at a table or better still in bed!
Not being responsible for the well being of the family for the day and thus relaxing and getting back the energy levels needed
Receiving a lovely home made card from the kids and partner

Are all that most if not all mamas wish for.

We do not quite need a meal at an  expensive restaurant or the jewels or other gadgetry that we get.  Nor do we need the flowers or plants.  Just being shown that our work is appreciated by doing it for us and being shown love and care by the simple gesture of making a card is all and it says for more than any thing you are bound to spend.


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