Mystery Tour – Train

Last Friday we went on a Mystery Tour.  I got this Idea from Simple Homeschool and thought it fun to try with my kids.  Of course I did some adjustments to suit my little people.  So on Thursday I told them that the next day we were going on a mystery tour and gave them 5 options in trying to guess where.  In the morning I told them to dress and get water with them for the tour.  On the way I showed them landmarks which could lead them to the answer (Greg gave the correct answer).
Here we are waiting for it to go while eating pastizzi

The train we went on

here they are all ready to go

Mdina view from the train

crossing the bridge to the old train station

There was a commentary going on during the ride which gives lot of nice information.  Of course it is still a bit too much for my little ones so I just pointed the highlights of the places we were seeing and explained in further detail when asked questions.  We had a good time and plan to do this Mystery Tour every other Friday.


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