My little Miss Muffin

And as the Christmas magic disappears into thin air, I start thinking of what happens next.

Maya going into kindergarten.

Sincerely, I am looking forward to spending time alone- I really miss being on my own to be able and think, just think uninterruptedly, meditate, just living inside me.

And yet seeing her clinging to me (something I wasn’t quite expecting from her), fearful, got me teary eyed.  I just hugged her, told her it will be fine, its just like when she was in class with Greg but instead will have different friends and teacher.  Told her its normal to feel a bit afraid because its kinda new to her but just like when we pick up Greg when school is over, so I will pick her up.  Told her she is ok, she is courageous and while she will miss me terribly, she can go hug her brother when she needs or the heart she has in her bag.

We visited her class and she went to play straight away alone in the kitchen.  Yes she was all the time wanting me near her but by the end of our visit she also spoke to the teacher as if nothing happened and when it was time to leave she said she will stay.  It gave me heart, she will truly be fine, she just needs to remember not to miss me too much that is all!

But being a mother is ultimately a worry job I suppose and so I am suddenly worrying that my little one who is eager to start school will cry and get me crying on her first day.  I fiercely love her.  Love the way she is turning out to be and look eagerly and maybe not so much to the changes school will put her through.


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