Threads in my hands

Not so long ago I believed I was finally understanding and living life the way it was meant to be.

Now I realise I only hold a few threads in my hands.  These threads keeping multiplying , and eventually to really understand it all I need to weave this beautiful fabric which I can clearly see in my mind.  Only, I do not know where to really begin.

I hold threads in my hand and see how enormous the task I have got is.  The complexity and interconnectivity of life is sweet and simple but at the same time incredibly difficult and complicated.

I will hold these threads tightly in my hands until I can clearly see and understand and finally start weaving a piece of fabric that is worthy of the me I want to be, of the children I want to raise, of the husband I want to nurture and of the family and friends I want to inspire.

I can see it there but it is still out of reach.  I am still learning.  I will forever be learning.  I will learn to continue learning and at the same time teaching so that all can learn and teach others to continue inspiring the beauty of this life of ours.  To love it and hold it tenderly in our hands like the fragile babies that we birth.

I wish you all a loving day on this Valentine’s


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