Something clicked.

It was a low beautiful sound that I actually hardly heard.

And than I looked backwards and forwards and sideways either way and saw that little link I felt was missing and which is now helping me start weaving my threads.

Today it’s been a beautiful morning.  I felt energized and more loving than usual (for which I am ever so thankful).  I was firm and gentle with the kids and when they left for school, I flew home on butterfly wings because I knew my time had finally come.

After many weeks of knowing my needs but somehow not finding the time to indulge in them, today it was my day.  I sighed with relief when I closed the door and smiled with anticipation.

Because today I did yoga and meditated – a lot! I could string together the many pieces of information I have been accumulating in the past few weeks and I could clearly see my destination, my current position and the way I had to go.

Today, I am proud to say that I am a practising Roman Catholic and a pagan to!  Because God created the universe but Mother Earth nurtures it.  I saw why I can never be vegan but how to eat more sustainably – because meat was meant for special occasions not for every day use.  I saw how my cycle effects every aspect of my being not just when its the time of the month but every single day.  I saw that I should be celebrating the beauty of womanhood not hiding it.  That I am to be more aware of my cycles if I want to be an effective mother and wife and woman.

Today was my day and my soul is soaring to heights I had forgotten.  My heart has expanded so much that it is hurting.  My life is beautiful and I am thankful.


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