Crunchy mama

Yesterday a friend commented to me that I am moving towards becoming a vegan.  At the time I said that not really.  Yet this morning this comment came looming in my thoughts and with it a lot of other thoughts.

The truth is that I am not actively working myself towards vegan-ism but my body is of its own accord.  I do not know actually if I will ever become vegan; yet I see it as a real possibility.  Since becoming pregnant for the first time, I have started consuming less and less meat.  Nothing was planned at all, but the more spiritual I live my life, the less need I find for meat.

Now this is new even to me because it is only now that I have made the connection.  But again as I have said in a previous post, everything is interwoven and once the ball starts rolling it does not make sense for you to stop and so I find myself different.

Different in so many ways but also truer to the me I have always been.  I can be awkward with family and friends because my earthly connections have become severed and while I might love buying dresses and new furniture or watching movies, I am not interested in them.  It is a tad difficult to explain but this is me and I am as plain as I can be.

I am becoming crunchier by the day and it tickles me.  My only regret would be if the people around me will not accept crunchy me.


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