Summer Days

Apart for beaching alone or with family and friends most days, we have also been doing some fun schooling.  I admit I am enjoying schooling so much more this year that I am forgetting the camera to memorise that moment.  But here are some of the things we’ve been doing.

We updated our nature table to picture Summer in all its glory (the painting was done by Greg at school)

Here you can see a variety free drawing and form drawing and the things they love
Form drawing is something we do everyday. I draw something and they have to try and copy it.  More geared towards Gregory but Maya ain’t doing a bad job of it either

Free and sensory painting is another thing we do often.  This is paint and sand and Greg’s interpretation of fireworks

This week we were doing our 5 senses.  Apart for these sheets we did a lot of feel, taste, hear, smell and see experiments

We also role play a bit and today was at the restaurant.  We took it in turns to be waiter, chef and customer.  The above are Maya’s idea of a pizza and Greg’s idea of a pizza – can you see how particularly perfect it is?

We also learn through fun P.E.  Last week we had masking tape in straight, zigzag, wavy lines for the kids to walk on forwards and backwards.  This week we had the ribbon sticks which we used to learn more on curves and circles and waves.

Gregory is also learning to read and write a little and next month we will also introduce maths.  As part of the curriculum there is bed making for the little man and dusting, cleaning bathrooms, cleaning and feeding the birds as well as watering the plants for both.  I hoped they would also be more involved in the cooking but they are not interested so had to let go of that.  Please note that the kids are still 5 and 3 so for the chores I am present at all times, helping them, directing them and reminding them to do them.


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