Cyclic changes

My journey has changed me considerably from the one I have been as a teen and young adult.

Motherhood of course played a major role in this.

Meeting some amazing people in the last 4 years though has really helped me to push when I felt that I had been stuck in mud.

These people not only helped me move forward in my spiritual life and the way I view life in general but has truly helped me see things I never saw before, thought of before – things that seemed regular, normal and were not.

That being said, I always danced to my own tune really, so somehow realising that I am actually a normal girl following my instincts rather than the cultural norm and that while it seems that I am alone in this, I am not, felt liberating.  It taught me so much more about me and about our life, how we view it and how we make it look to our children.

I guess the biggest eye openers have been about dilapidating, menstruation and sex among many other things.  The way women are viewed and what is expected of them and especially how this effects us all.

I have realised how damaging most of all this is to us women and how I can make sure my daughter learns otherwise despite moving against the current.  Because she is worth much more than that and so am I


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