the darkening clouds

The flood gates opened.  The dam has burst.  The seams couldn’t take the strain any more.

I have seen the storm brewing within a few days but I chose to ignore; to pretend it was all in my imagination.  That all is going well and good……

The procrastinating at doing home work was the beginning.  The refusal to answer did you have a good day or which part of the day you enjoyed most was a glaring facet of the storm and today he just came out and asked me the question for which he knew the answer.

Maybe he realised that the pent up emotions needed to get out and he has realised also that the quickest way for him is to have a massive meltdown.  It lasted approximately an hour.  He was happier after but refused to talk about any of it.

I can see it is not over. I brace myself and wonder whether I should wait before asking questions or go ahead and ask them.

I am tired beyond thinking.  My kids are suffering and right now my hands are tied in all directions.


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