Christmas is in the air

This year I feel like I am late with my preperations but then I realised most of the stuff is done from last year so there are only a few tweaks that needs to be arranged and now I can say I am ready and happy.

Here is how our Advent and Christmas will look like and these are the books we will be reading more or less daily.

26 November do an Advent wreath with the kids to start lighting 30th Nov

Advent activities
 Mon – Put on the decorations
 Tues – Start contructing the crib
Wed – Finish off the crib
  Thurs – Put in the statues of the crib
 Fri – Take a family photo
 Sat – Celebrate St Nick by reading story, poem, activities: gift giving to crèche a big nice stocking; as well as do the Christmas grass
 Sun – See film – Home Alone + light second candle
 Mon – Celebrate the Immaculate Conception by reading story, drawing, explaining that God always had us on his mind even before birth, activity: do a small present for the grandparents because we have them our minds
 Tues – Visit the toy shops for gift ideas
 Wed – Do Christmas cards for teachers /family
 Thurs – Buy food for the needy & give it to parish priest to pass it on
 Fri – Celebrate St Lucia by reading story, drawing & doing St Lucia buns
 Sat – Go to Valletta enjoy the Christmas lights, train ride & dinner together + visit Christmas fair in Phoenicia till 6 pm
 Sun – Visit crib in Zejtun + light third candle
 Mon – See film- The Polar Express
 Tues – Send money to a charity
 Wed – Bake Christmas pudding together
 Thurs – Leave a small gift to our rubbish picker
 Fri – Do Advent Kindness Tree
 Sat –  Go to Gozo visit live crib in Ghajnsielem (4.30 pm)
 Sun – Sing Christmas Carols together + light last candle
 Mon – Write a letter to Jesus and burn it
 Tues – Write a family letter and affix it in the living room
  Wed – Put baby Jesus in the crib

12 days of Christmas activities
 Sun – Christmas day Mass and spend with family
 Mon – St Stephen day celebrate by reading story, drawing
  Tues – see the film curious George a very monkey Christtmas
 Wed – Read the poem 12 days of Christmas and explain meaning
 Thurs – Go to the aquarium
 Fri –  invite a few mummies & kiddies for tea
 Sat – Do Qaghaq tal-ghasel
 Sun – New Year Day family time
 Mon – Feast of Mary Mother of God read story of St Mary, activity: do a rosary (
 Tues – Go to Buskett for a picnic
 Wed – Do candles (
 Thurs – story of Epiphany; end of Christmas season we take down decorations


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