Christmassy thoughts

It’s been so far one of the best Christmases ever.

I am already finding ways of improving our celebration of Christ being born.

We need it even simpler then this year.  The food this year is stuck in my throat.  Why are we eating so much food like there is no tomorrow?  We do not even fast any more before Christmas.

One of the things that glared out at me this year is too much food and so next year it will be a very simple normal affair of food.

The presents have still been the centre of attention by the kids.  Would love that to change….because ultimately they do not show much appreciation for them- just a matter of OK I want the next one- especially my big boy.

This year it was lovely having our small family at Christmas Eve starting a tradition and would be so happy to expand that.

I am looking forward to continuing the celebration with the 12 days of Christmastide this year.  Normally the day after Christmas usually feels empty.  Christmas celebrations stop with the birth but this season carries on longer and it is nice to make sure we celebrate it to the max.


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