I had 3 impatient days.  Impatience that was transmitted to the kids.

I was truly impatient with the whole family!  I realised today, that all this is stemming from a simple reason: I want Christmas to be ready now so I can move on to the next thing in my life.

It saddened me when I saw what was happening and today while still impatient I managed to keep it low and enjoy some quality time with family.

Yes I am excited to have my children’s birthday and give them the presents that have been in the closet for nearly a month now.  I am excited to have my new home schooling corner set up.  I am excited to continue the work I had to stop due to Christmas holidays from various people and I am excited to add more to my work in breastfeeding.

But these 12 days of Christmas are 12 days of reflection and I should use them wisely.


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