The inner side of me

As I start my 3rd trimester, I internalise the heaviness of my body, the bigness it now is.

I slow down and move inward into myself as I prepare myself and my baby to birth.

We both know our roles, we both know it will be an amazing journey, we are both looking forward to actually see each other face to face.  To smell each other –  that sweet smell of mother and child just birthed and born.  To engage in our senses and let the rest of life pass us by as we drink from that unique moment of love.

I have a vision in my head, in all probability it will not all happen that way, but I’d like to think that life and God and his angels will move heaven and earth to let me experience a bit of that vision.

Our lives are once more changing and it is exciting to know we are on a wave that will take us where ever it wants for a while; until we find a footing and we will anchor our new dynamics and ideals and embrace the changes and the differences……terrifying but exciting!


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