Love courageously update

I have arrived to day 11 in this love challenge.

As a small update, I have reread the 5 love languages of children and started practising them more with my family. I left a note for my kids in their lunch box, I bought them stuff they needed and wrapped them up as a present, I tell them more that I love them and went on a date with them separately.  We also do special time as much as possible.  It is starting to work – especially with Gregory who is also showing more love back.

In the meantime I had read about the key jar and decided to do it.  Every couple of days during dinner one of us picks a question and everyone answers it.  This is working best with Maya so far but hoping it will catch up with Gregory to.

Appreciation what day 11 is about is sometimes forgotten by me.  So I am making it a point  to show my appreciation possibly daily.  Ways I am showing appreciation is by thanking them for being helpful, for cooperating, for being quiet, for letting me work, for keeping peace….. it makes them feel proud when I tell them this and they are starting to do more of these positive traits.

Tomorrow its day 12 – loving through aggression – this is going to be very interesting as I tend to lean towards aggression myself so I need to learn not just teach.  Possibly so far this will be the most challenging part of loving and I am looking forward to learn and teach and finally get to the best part…being soft and loving 99% of the time 🙂


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