Mid Summer Dream

And after a bliss full half Summer, anxiety is settling in.

Since my dad mentioned that school will soon start, my big boy is having crying fits for no reason – and he tells me that he does not know why he is crying.  He is starting to have stomach aches again occassionally.

My alarm bells are already ringing.

Yesterday I told him that we got the school list and he also needs to buy a bag and he simply was not interested.  “I just want to stay home” he tells me. “Will the law be out soon?” and I say I do not know when it will be out but when it does if he is still not happy he can stay home with me.

It seems to be his lifeline thread- what keeps him going!

We are hoping to somehow convince the authorities to let us start in September with homeschooling.

It is not even worth 3 months of torture the way I am seeing it.  I myself am already tensing up, looking at the calendar and thinking how little time we have left.

I am working hard to have a curriculum ready so we start at the letter go.

I am excited and terrified.  I really wish this nightmare is over because really I just fed up of it all!

In the meantime, since we’re having a spell of bad weather, we are staying mostly indoors, reading books and using imaginative play which has greatly improved with Gregory this Summer.


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