the joy of learning full time is about to begin

Now that home schooling is becoming more real and I am delving more on the curriculum and looking more into what my kids love rather than what the schools love I am seeing what ticks them even more into learning.

Gregory’s curriculum is parctically done.  My biggest headache is Maltese – as I will need to work on that from scratch. Maybe if it comes out any good I will put them out for other mamas to use.  I am only buying a math curriculum actually.  English I do not feel the need of something right now as there are also a lot of free stuff online which I can use.  Besides we will be mostly reading; plus doing some copy work and than the grammar.  For the optional subjects that is Geography, Science, History etc  I have the reading books/curriculums from last year which I didn’t quite use in the end as his anxiety levels hit the roof and any part time homeschooling went out of the window.

So as of tomorrow I will start working on Maya’s curriculum.  It is going to be interesting to see how I can combine both then so that we have a smooth (?) class.  Maya is in a tricky stage for me because what is normally done her age is too easy for her and the year 1 class is too much for her (tried it this Summer and it did not work).  So need to come up with an in between.

As for little tiny Benajmin who is growing way too quick will do him some nice montessori trays/toys to keep him occupied and happy and learning while we do some hard work in the morning.

This is getting so, so exciting.  A year to see what actually works and if home schooling is really the way forward to our family.  .


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