A week ago…

…while I was nursing the little man, two little piggys were having ice-cream.  Suddenly I hear a loud crash of glass smashing. I literally drop the little man on the bed and rush to the piggys.  The scene: A frightened girl piggy by the sofa. An angry piggy boy by the kitchen.  Blood trailing and lots and lots of glass.

My reaction: shaking and screaming on the outside while inside I was just doing what needed to be done systematically– put on shoes, pick up son take under running water to clean finger and see damage (that freaked me further), get tissues to try stop the bleeding, give up and start cleaning the floor from glass (all this while I am still screaming bloody murder at both kids).

Cue mother in law walks in the house after hearing my hysterics.  She takes over cleaning while I try again to stop bleeding. I grab my son and head out the door to the nearest clinic while still ranting and shaking.  I tell my son to make pressure on the finger to stop the bleeding and curse the cars that don’t give a shit about stop signs.  The Lord makes sure I find parking just outside the clinic and I rush in worried but slightly calmed.  After what seemed like eternity they call us in and the screaming from my son starts. IT HURTS!

4 stitches later I ask for water as I am about to faint.  They get me some and a little while later we leave. I pick up the other 2 kiddies thanking the Lord that mother in law lives near as I have no idea how I could have endured his stitching if I had them all and so could not hold him and tell him how much I loved him.  I wrap them round me and wish we can sleep for eternity.

I was so tired.  I know I felt guilty.  For leaving them eat alone while I nursed the little one; for shouting so much out of fear; for leaving my bewildered daughter with her grandmama and when she wanted more than anything to be with me for comfort and reassurance.

It was quite an ordeal!

Today we took the stitches out.  There was some shouting though not as much as last time! and after we bought puzzles and legos to make us feel better.  and took pizza and ice-cream.

Now my piggy boy just finished building his lego plane and the pride in his work could be seen a mile away 🙂


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