The baby led weaning process

So we are officially not exclusive breastfeeding any longer.  My 5.5 month old started food.  He is ready!IMG_20150909_131357[1]

It is bitter sweet to see this next stage and really fun seeing his enthusiasm for food and especially water!

So let me run you through the process of baby led weaning:

Stage one: around 3.5 months Benjamin started grabbing things with intention

Stage two: around 4 months, he started sitting for a very short period unattended and imitating us whenever we ate

Stage three: at 5 months he was sitting well unattended and holding toys well in his hand.  He started crying whenever he sees foIMG_20150909_130832[1]od but wouldn’t put food in his mouth alone and if given to him he still sucked rather than chewed.

Stage four: 5.5 months, Benajmin is now using hand-eye coordination to feed himself (although he’d rather I fed him the cheeky one), he just started also practicing his pincer grip and he stopped sucking on food but is actually chewing.  He drinks water from a cup which I hold for him – the same I use myself.

this is just cute 🙂

At the moment he mostly tastes the food and the majority of intake is still milk.  sometimes he swallows food, sometimes he brings it back up and out of his mouth.  It is incredible how quickly he changed and understood the process of eating.

What is Benjamin eating?

I go completely blw, so breakfast I offered melon and toast the same that we were eating.  Mid-day I gave him a piece of lasagne and tonight he tried the carrots & runner beans (he had already tried the dinner food on another day at mid-day, otherwise I would be a bit cautious in case of night stomach aches!

(summer day 72)


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