The ‘Winter’ Routine

Now that Summer is trickling to an end and home schooling is still in the pipeline and so traditinal school looming, we started our Winter routine – with a difference this year; because it has been discussed loosely during our family meetings and parts were the initiative of the children.

Morning happens as follows (this will be discussed in a few weeks to check with everyone if they like it this way).

0630 its normally wake up time for Gregory and sometimes Benjamin.  If G wants we do special time.

0700-0730 dressing, making of beds and down for breakfast (time normally Maya wakes up and joins in). This is an approximation as the morning slowness is still with us and we dawdle a bit

0745 10 min meditation (mainly me and Greg well Greg I just facilitate it for him and wish I am doing it as well! This was upon his request and I believe it will help relief the school tension/anxiety)

0755 Bible reading, discussion and prayers

0820 we’ll soon be heading for school.  However, since we are still relaxed, this is the time we either hit the beach, do errands or decide to do some home schooling.

Afternoon: currently between 1-3 pm its quiet time. In the very near future they will be coming home from school at 2.30pm

2.45/3 pm – snack time

3-4pm – gardening/playing in field

4-5.30pm – special time with Maya and cooking (greg will be doing his home work at this time) & free play

5.30pm – dinner time with daddy

6.30pm – read alouds (we have a list of books that will be reading to the kids from Ambleside.  Some I read in English, some I read in both English and Maltese and some  translate since there are not a lot of interesting books in Maltese)

7.30pm- wash, pjs and sleep time


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