The Family Meeting

In the course I took to become a positive discipline educator, I learnt about family meetings.

These normally happen once a week although frequency depends on your needs/wishes.  It usually starts by each giving out compliments, positive encouragments to each other about something that happened during the week (e.g. I wish to thank you for helping in the kitchen although it was not your chore; or I felt happy/proud seeing you sharing with your sister).  After which you proceed with the meeting and end up doing something together as a family to help with the connection.

I decided to impliment this in my own home and while we do not do it that way for various reasons, it is working pretty well for us.

It is mostly not a prearranged meeting as whenever we do that it never happens.  Most of the time it also happens between me and kids and than inform daddy of any decisions during dinner.  If it is something that daddy needs to be involved we try and schedule a meeting.  The reason I do it this way is that whenever I schedule a meeting no one seems in the mood of it and everyone refuses to participate.  So I go according to mood and needs.  However it has reduced a lot of conflict.

Our last decision was to have a board with daily chores and meals.  It.s been working fine with simple reminders for chores.


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