What we are reading

Reading is an essential part of schooling and reading aloud even more so.

For the whole of Summer Gregory refused to read unless he actually felt like it.  Yesterday he was reading and without him reading it has improved a lot.  In fact he was reading with sense not just saying the words and the beauty for me….while reading a book in English, he was translating it to his sister on the go!

What are we reading this year?

Velveeten Rabbit

Paddle to the sea

ABC Bible verses

My little poem book

A child’s book of garden verses

Burgess bird book for children

L-istejjer kollha ta wied pepprina

Story of the world

35,000,000,000 sena ta’ Malta

100 facts series books by miles kelly

holm tal-milied

Just so stories

50 famous stories retold

Parables from nature

Leggendi Maltin

Peter Pan

St George and the dragon



Little House in the big woods

Charlotte’s Web

King of the golden River

Red Fairy Book

Blue Fairy Book

Aesop Tales



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