The school chronicles

It has been 3 weeks since school started.  Our world turned upside down.  I am still trying to see how to get into a routine that is acceptable both to myself and the children….because they are just refusing to leave the house or do anything at all (except teasing that is and crying and getting angry).

For the past 2 days G hardly ate at all. I hope we do not go into starvation mode like we had last year.

While he insists he enjoys school, he daily tells me he doesn’t want to go and when asked to rate his day 1-10 the highest we got was a 5, the rest is 3-4.  I believe him when he says he likes school – because he enjoys learning- but the rest is meh!

M on the other hand while always seems happy with school is coming so tired that she is not wanting to do her ballet classes – which she completely enjoys.  she is crying much more often and her attachment to me right now is on a high rise.  There were a couple of times where she told me that she is fed up of going to school everyday but that is not the norm with her.

Yet all this, gives me more wish to homeschool my children.  To go according to our schedule rather than rushing all over the place and falling to pieces.  I see a lot of obstacles because of work but where there is a will there is a way…..


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