Geoboxes plus

We are starting geoboxes.  Its a fun way to learn about Geography……. and History, Social Studies, Religion, Music & Art appreciation as well.

We’ll be doing a month for each country starting with Italy.  Every time we finish a country we will write the name of the country and stick a stamp in our ‘passports’.
IMG_20151030_120735 IMG_20151030_120755

I bought this map of Europe laminated, which shows all countries, flags and who is in EU and when they joined,  Whenever we are working on a country we will stick circular coloured tape to show where is the capital city of that country.

This is our first box.  Its a simple shoe box on which I stuck the flag of the country we are doing.  Inside are typical stuff from Italy; an Italian cooking magazine, postcards, information on Italy, a map with the regions, a stone from Etna, typcial breakfast and pictures of some Saints originating from Italy.


What will we do?

Today, we will open the geobox, read the information and look at the stuff inside.  The children will find me Italy on the map and we will mark the capital city as well.  If they are willing we will delve a bit more on our country of choice; on what, depends on their curiosity.

Every week for the next 4 weeks we will do different aspects: art & music, information about the Saints, cook typical food, learn about history.  After each section is done, we will do a lap book on that section before proceeding to the next.

Keep tuned…


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