Malta’s Pre-history: Our first lapbook

Today we did our first lapbook about Maltese Pre-history.  It was a success with G. who asked if we’d do more.

I was a bit sceptical about them, but I am finding that it gives a good closure to study units – in this case Maltese Pre-history.  We had already read about it on the book L-ewwel 35,000,000 sena ta’ Hajti, as well as my own memory from my own schooling and through visiting the historical sites themselves.


I used pocket files for our lapbook.  I cut the sides that held the file together so it opened up.  In the meantime I had cut sheets of paper and stuck it on the file with a question printed on top for G to answer.  He also searched for pictures to stick on the pages.  Since he did not wish to write himself, he dictated and I wrote his answers.  This was the end result.IMG_3180 IMG_3183


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