Wied Speranza – Mosta

The leggend goes that a girl was running away from corsairs when she came to this cave.  She hid in it and a spider quickly spun a web and so they thought she was not there and the girl, who had all the time been praying to Our Lady, was saved.

I had never been before and I tell you it is lovely!

IMG_20151115_102202 IMG_20151115_102212

We did not find the cave- probably the Chapel was built on top of it and the Chapel was obviously closed.

However, the place has lots of lovely wildlife in it.  We found mushrooms, tadpoles, birds, lots of different plants including the Christmas Tree, Ġarġir, Ċfoloq tal-ħarifa, Buttuniera, Ingliża, Garni tal-pipa and more more more (sorry do not know the English names).

IMG_20151115_102240 IMG_20151115_103122 IMG_20151115_103259 IMG_20151115_103441 IMG_20151115_103514 IMG_20151115_103522 IMG_20151115_104930 IMG_20151115_111422

Definitely worth a visit.  We will be going again as the passage, that starts from the Mosta bridge, leads up to the centre of Mosta and that would be one lovely long hike 🙂


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