2nd week of Advent

We did crafts in this first week of Advent.  But also started preparing for the 2nd week.

The second week starts with St Nicholas day this year.  So I did a peg doll of St Nick which I placed by our Advent wreath.  We have been reading information on St Nicholas and stories .  This year the children will leave a shoe outside and as tradition will place an orange or clementine inside it.  We will sing some songs on St Nick and tomorrow we are going to give some goodies to the local creche.

During this second week, we will focus more on the giving: to charities, local food bank, animal shelters.

We will also celebrate the Immaculate Conception and discuss how God had us on his mind from before birth just like Mary and we will do a craft to a family member to let them know we to had them in our minds.

Lastly we will prepare to celebrate St Lucia day which will fall on the first day of the third week of Advent.


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