Christmas gifts

In a world filled with materialism and non appreciation of gifts many a time by the children due to the amount of toys they have/get, we are opting to start giving non toy gifts.

For the 3rd year they will get a National Grographic subscription worth $ 15.00.  BUT this year, will be also doing coupons for them – 10 in total.  These will be redeemable for whenever they want and the list includes:

  • date with mum or dad
  • an hour with mum or dad
  • sleeping 30 mins past bed time
  • 30 mins extra TV time
  • 1 extra story
  • we go eat at your favourite restaurant
  • cooking your favourite meal
  • Eur 5.oo redeemable at a toy shop
  • a day without chores
  • choose something from the treasure chest

The treasure chest will be a box with small things like marbles, card game, craft supplies, book etc.




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