It’s Maya’s 5th Birthday

I remember I woke at night feeling contractions ever so slight.  I smiled and went back to sleep.

Around 5 am I woke up, the waves were coming much more stronger and I paced the room, slowly near my sleeping older son, knowing with certainty that he will see his sister the following day.

Within an hour they were quite intense so I woke up my still unaware husband and prepared to go to hospital.  The waves were strong yet welcoming and calming at the same time.

And suddenly at 9.20 am you were born!  Happy Birthday sweetest child of mine.

My second child, you threw us upside down in many ways….you are so like me and yet so different.  Your heart of gold, your understanding, your ways at accommodating others is so intense and realy and wholesome that you put me to shame at times.

You need so much of me and I can’t afford to give you all of that but you stoicly accept that.

Your girly ways, which are alien even to me make me wonder, smile and give me merriment.

5 years passed like a dream. I wish I could hold you as a newborn again just so I can give you that extra comfort that you need.

I love you my little sunshine you are wonderful in every way!



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