It’s been 7 years

…that I became a mother for the first time.  Seven years that changed me so utterly and deeply that I am forever indebted with my first born.

Seven years of struggles as I try to push past default settings in my brain to become a more peaceful mama.

Seven years of bliss seeing the young man I have helped grow.

The seven year transition is upon us and I feel so unprepared, so sad that it is here, and so excited to know we reached this new milestone which will change our dynamics once again.

Gregory, reminds me so much of me in different ways.  The uniqueness in his thinking, his intellect, his love, his joy, his beauty.  I ache for him because his path is not as easy….yet I know he is ready for it and I just need to follow him. Follow him wherever he may go. Follow him without quenching his thrist, his love and joy and sufferings.  Simply holding him, nurturing him and loving him.

On this day, may you be showered with blessings and more love than you can handle.


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