The rhythm of our work

Over the months, since last Summer, our homeschooling has been evolving at a steady pace.

We are still unsure whether full time home education will be available next scholastic year.  However, we are finding a rhythm finally to our work.

Firstly I need to let you know that home education as viewed by me includes not just the accademics, but also the soul, the character and the skills necessary for when they grow up.

With this in mind, and because after a day of accademics they do not feel like more despite being more fun subjects, we are focusing on reading , festivals and helping around the home.

Summer time, apart for the above, we will do some science and geography.  However the focus will be on life skills and formation of the character.

I have just been doing a bit of curriculum for the Summer but so far the idea is to:

  1. focus on doing the beds to perfection
  2. perfecting the swimming skills and learn how to dive
  3. learn how to cook 5 meals
  4. learn how to use the washing machine
  5. focus on cleaning up after we are done with whatever we’ve been doing

I would like to do some handiwork but it is still a question mark, mainly because I do not have the patience to teach myself and before I do that I can’t teach the kids!


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