Thinking of the journey

I have been reviewing my positive discipline course for a mother.  I was also thinking of my daughter’s teacher who is resorting to discipline methods which go way far from my beliefs and seeing the effects on my daughter herself.

It got me to thinking and realising how easier it has become to discipline my children.  How very little discipline is actually needed nowadays.

Yes we still have a lot of ups and downs and yes I still shout most days; BUT despite all this, life has become easier once they learnt what is expected, what I would tolerate and what not.  Once I decided to truly let them guide me and not fret on certain things.  Once I learnt their cues and so learnt what most ‘misbehaviours’ mean and how I can trouble shoot it.

This past year especially, after FINALLY finding  ‘my tribe’, where I truly feel to belong, I learnt so much more on my kids and what ticks them.  I am trusting the journey much more, trusting my children much more.  It is ever so difficult only because most of the time we are going against the norm and that is not ok with many people we encounter.  it is hard trying to show people my reasoning and how it is helping us in the long run.  However, I can’t really change me or my kids or try to make allowances to any one.  So, who ever can’t live with my philosophy I am just letting them go.  I am still their friends but I do not try and reason much with them.  I try let things slide most of the time…because its consuming energy for nothing!

If I can tell you though one thing which I really learnt is: I finally am learning what it means to let go and live the life you think is meant for you…..and we are all a much happier family.


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