The Screen Time Dilemma

Letting the children watch how much screen time is quite a conundrum.

When Gregory was younger I could definitely see a change in persona when he watched way too much TV…not so much any more (although he gets addicted to game playing).  Maya, I never had that change in persona but she does like to play act a lot of cartoons or sing their songs.

The plus side is that they have taught themselves Italian,; as we watch a lot of Italian TV.

This has been a lot on my mind as ways to curb too much screen time has not been effective and while I understand that it is me who should be insisting and being firm when I say no, I was not comfortable doing that.

After some thought, I realised that mostly I was still dictating the terms under the belief that we reached a consensus between us.  So what was it that I was hating about screen time?

I feel there is no time for connection with my children if first thing in the AM and first thing back from school they go to their blessed screens.  I also do not like screen time just before bed time.

So this morning I spoke to them an explained my problem and asked if instead of day/time limits the rules will become simpler: no screen time before 8 am and again before 3.30 pm and after 6.30 pm.  This gives the morning to us and not screens and once from school we first talk and eat together before loosing themselves in the screens.  They liked the idea (although I feel the need to re explain it later as I do not trust they were listening completely).

I am still unsure about all this, but we will do an experiment of it and see how it goes.  giving them the freedom in limited form to screen time I believe they will learn more self regulation.


One thought on “The Screen Time Dilemma

  1. I just posted about this. This is something I am struggling with as well and have been hoping to have a television free summer. I’m hoping to get the husband on board to at least try it. We shall see. Hopefully this schedule will work for you and put you more at ease!!:)


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