Changing the system of parenting through family meetings

We’ve changed family meetings at home from weekly to every season.

I am rethinking this.

I am also thinking how we normally do it and how it can change to empower my children more.

Normally I coax everyone to say something positive towards each other that happened throughout the week/month.  Since it has been pointed to me that it is more like asking them to do something against their will (which upon consideration I agree), I will myself just say something nice to everyone and give them the possibility to say something themselves if so they choose to do.

Instead of asking for sudden inspiration on current problems, I told them this morning that on Saturday we will hold a family meeting. I asked what time would be good for them to which they told me time we usually come from school. I also asked them that I wished them to brainstorm and write/ask help to write on ways how we can keep each other safe or in other words safety rules.

I would still love to end the meeting with some sort of game or anything that would help us connect even more.

I am curious to see what they come up with.


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