School Year 2016-17


Another school year is upon us.  Home schooling is on the verge- but not yet there- so the children will have to go to school.  Trusting this will be a better year overall for them- especially G, who had a very bad experience last year and actually pulled him out from school for the last month!

This year though, it will be different on many aspects.  I learned so much in the past few months. Met so many people who where an inspiration to me. Made new friends for me and the kiddies and overall I feel prepared to meet  this years’ challenge.

We are endorsing the Waldorf method of schooling and life.  I have always been inclined that way, but finally, I can truly see it at work and I am happy inside and out.

I will still be homeschooling the children full time this year despite them going to school.  This way it will support them in their spiritual growth and balance off the stress of public school.  Most of our days will be spent baking, telling stories, knitting, moving and drawing.  We will exercise the will, the patience, the love, the courage, the whole body.

This week we started Maya’s school year at home 🙂 We are telling the story of Super Sam the gnome.  Since this week’s story Sam picked peaches and preserved them, we did the same.  We bought some peaches, ate some, preserved some and baked with some.  Next week it will be apples I am so looking forward!


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